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Total Finance Limited.

The Total Finance Limited offers the best kind of financial service worldwide.

Our Company offer Loans / Financial Services for various purposes as stated below:

Start-up Funding, Business Loans, Personal Loans, Real Estate Loans

Mortgage Financing, Bridge Loans, Capital Financing, etc.

Contact us now to make your Financial Freedom Dream Come Through.


If you have plans to grow your business one of our business loans may be what you need. Our loans are flexible and can be tailored to suit your requirements. 

Total Finance LTD arranges secured and unsecured personal loans at competitive rates. Our lending decisions are made on a case by case basis which means we can provide loans to creditworthy borrowers penalized by automated credit scoring systems.

Total Finance LTD has over 12 years of lending experience in Mortgage Financing. We pride ourselves in understanding this sector and can provide a loan to suit your circumstances.

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Our Specialized Services

Home Financing / Mortgage

Competitive Home Financing / Mortgage. We offer the best Home Financing / Mortgage you can get.

Personal Loans

Guaranteed, Fast and affordable personal loans to suit your circumstances.​

Business Loans Loans

Flexible loans for small businesses. You business financing / Business loans are safe with us.

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